Ketpol generates solutions with the international companies about chemicals and filter determination supply under Ketmak Group which have over 20 years experience.

About Us

Ketpol established in 2011 under Ketmak Group serves on treatment chemicals and filter fabrics.

Our team of expert engineers determines the most appropriate treatment chemicals and filter fabrics as a result of the tests carried out in laboratories and provides high efficiency and economic advantages for our customers.

About treatment chemicals, Ketpol delivers an Italian company's product who is one of the leading firms in the sector to its customers, and offers solutions to the difficulties experienced by customers due to unhealthy chemicals.

About filter fabrics, Ketpol working with the world's largest manufacturers and cutting and sewing processes have been done in its own plant as customer-specific.

    Flocculants (Polyelectrolytes)

    KETPOL Flocculants (polyelectrolytes) are anionic, cationic and nonionic polymers that have high molecular weight. They are utilized to increase the effectiveness of settling, dewatering, filtration and centrifugal operations.

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    Coagulation is the process of providing destabilization by salts that decrasing repulsion between the particles, making neutralization or reversing. Most common coagulants are mineral salts and organic polymers.

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    Filterpress Plates

    KETPOL has been importing the filterpress plates used for waste water treatment, production and filtration in each sector.

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    Filterpress Clothes

    A complete range of fabrics, including monofilament, multifilament, mixed mono-multifilament, mixed multifilament-staple fibres, and other innovative products, are especially dedicated to filter press machines.

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    Reverse Osmosis Chemicals

    Antiscalant prevents formations on the reverse osmosis membrane, which may cause clogging and may cause infertility and accumulation. In this way, the life of your membrane is prolonged, a cleaner membrane surface is provided.

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    Tile Press Clothes

    Thanks to the feedback we received from our customers who are using the Tile Press machine, we produce the most suitable tile press cloth with the required dimensions.

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    Disc Filter Clothes

    Our disc filter cloths are designed for mining applications and consist of mono and multifilament cloths. Ketpol disc filter cloths are highly resistant to clogging pores and offer superior filtration performance to the end of their service life.

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    Candle Filter Clothes

    Candle filters are usually used in food industries as control filter with various sizes and filtration surfaces. This filters can clean itself by back washing and they can separate liquid from any small size solid particles.

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    Centrifugal Filter Bags

    Ketpol produces filter bags for centrifuges which are used to separate solid particles from solution in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and chemistry. Ketpol filters ensure minimum product loss, superior cake release and high filtration performance.

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    Jetpulse Filter Bags

    These type filters make the filtration by filter agents gathered from the various artificial fibers (determined according to physical and chemical features of the dust that will be filtered) with the pinning method (needled felt) in definite dry environment.

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    Filterpress Plate Taps

    100% Polypropylene, High Chemical Resistance, Low Weight, Long Operating Time, Easy Tap Installation

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